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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In like a lamb... out like a lamb????

Okay, that sounds sort of backwards, right?  But that is how this winter has been so far... mild, mild, mild!  It never came in like a lion, and considering that tomorrow is the first day of February, it is still very mild!

Back in the swing of things again, but behind on reading posts.  Finished a customer quilt, working on the next one, picked up thread for another.  Missed my sewing room!  You'd think I'd be more likely to want to be holed up in my sewing room if the weather was cold  and snowy, but I think the fact that I can take regular walks and get out more often in general has made it much easier to take some time to work inside! 

Grandson #1 celebrates his fourth birthday on Thursday!  I have absolutely no idea where the last four years have gone, I remember sooooo well the day he was born and how quickly I felt attached to him. I was looking forward to becoming a grandmother, but I had no idea if that feeling of attachment would happen right away or not.  Well, it did, with all nine of them, it hasn't changed even when each new grandchild comes along!

Some more fun for me. One of my customers, Kate in OK, sent me a great quilt book and a gift card to JoAnn's as a Christmas gift!  What a wonderful, and fun surprise!  Then I got a few bags of more material from another customer on Friday.  She does so much hand applique and has bought so much material over the years, she said she will never be able to use it all, so she sent some home with me!  I have the best customers!  Also, my friend Mary gave me the beginnings of a chicken quilt she started and all of the rest of the materials for it. I said I'd finish it and knew of somebody who would be very happy to receive it when it's done, so with her permission I will do just that.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Seriously??  I was just starting to feel better and yesterday I thought today I might finally feel caught up on rest when last night it started... the stuffy nose, sneezing and even more tiredness.... Dare I say it, but I think right now I'd rather see more snow on the ground than being sick again! I took two naps today!  I never do that unless I'm feeling really bad.

So today I spent part of the day surfing the web, reading some blogs and returning emails.  But I'm really starting to miss my sewing machine!  For fun, I spent some time searching for ideas to re-purpose clothing.  I have sweaters that I think I might turn into cardigans or possibly pillows.  Pants I might turn into capris (obviously not for now, but I'm feeling confident spring will be early this year!), and all sorts of cute ideas. On one site I saw an idea for turning men's sweaters into children's sweaters or women's cardigans.  Guess I will have to work on getting better, rested and completing any quilt work quickly so I can work on some fun stuff for me!  I'm getting bored with my wardrobe and I don't want to spend money on clothes right now because I really need to lose weight!  If I come up with something anytime soon, I'll be sure to post pictures!

Happy Quilting/Sewing!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well, it finally arrived; January weather!  Temps dropped into the single digits and cold winds are making wind chills anywhere from 15 to 25 below zero today.  I would know even if I didn't check the thermometer or step outside; I have an awful headache I often get when weather like this arrives. 

So you'd think that anything like nasty wind chills or snow would make me want to get all cozy in my sewing room and sew the day away.  Not so.  I think having to stay at home so much the last few years (due to financial strains) has taken its toll on me and I want to get out of the house all of the time!  Hopefully that feeling will go away soon, I feel like I get nothing done.

And yet, yesterday I had such a nice day, I came home so peaceful and relaxed. I met up with my good friend, Mary, at Starbucks, and we spent an hour catching up over coffee/coffee drinks and I had my apple bran muffin (I know, I know.  They're not low in calories, but of all the thing I personally could have picked out, it was definitely the healthier choice anyway!).  After that I ran errands and then stopped off at the local Tech school and exercised for 45 minutes while reading a couple of magazines I picked up in town.  Even though the temps were under 20 degrees, there was no wind and lots of sun, it felt wonderful outside! 

So here's hoping this headache leaves me soon, and I feel inspired to get some work done!  I put up my Valentine decorations earlier in the week, along with my blue and white decor I like to put out in January.  It's not much, but better than the empty shelves and walls that appear after having had fall and holiday decorations up for months on end!

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting Back to Normal...

Yesterday we had the first baptism of our four newest family members.  It was the first time since Adeline was born two weeks ago that ALL of our kids, spouses and grandkids were at the same place at the same time! It was wonderful, and every time something like this happens, I thank God for being so very blessed with a wonderful family.  I became all too aware while we were in church just how big our bunch has gotten... we took up almost more than two pews (had to spread out a bit with all the little ones and diaper bags and such).  I hope you don't mind my 'bragging' a bit, but nothing warms my heart more watching them all interact with each other.  Every time I looked at somebody holding a little girl baby, I realized it wasn't their own baby, but one of their nieces! And this went at the party as well, it was so sweet.  One son-in-law overheard a couple of ladies talking after mass and commenting on the size of the family and all those babies. He said one of them said "I just wanted to go up and grab one of them!"  Thank you Dear God, for such wonderful blessings!

I thought last week was going to be my first 'normal' week, but I felt so lazy, as you read in my recent posts.  Then our guild meeting was cancelled due to bad weather on Thursday, so we will do our Yankee Gift Exchange in March instead. Not sure why March instead of February, but I don't care, as it will give me more time to think over what I could possibly bring. I am also on the tail end of a cold, not a bad one, the dry throat has been the most annoying part of it to be honest, but it sort of wiped me out.  Anyway, today felt a little more normal to me again and I got my first call of the year to do a quilt job.  Since I have nothing else waiting to be done, I'm sure I'll get it finished quickly.  I'm also hoping this will be the inspiration I need to continue working on my own projects as well.  It will be interesting to see if I can manage to continue being diligent about not starting a bunch of new projects I can't finish. I did pretty good last year, I finished several old projects and managed to finish almost any new project I started, with the exception of ONE. Not bad! 

Oh yes, and I did manage to fix my blog page. It's not quite what I had in mind, but it's better than what I had the first time, and I might make a couple of small changes yet, but at least I did something about it!

Happy Quilting!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Yes... I goofed!

Yes, I goofed.  I wanted to redo my page and goofed it up numerous times, so I am letting it sit for a couple of days until I feel like fixing it!  I like the background, but pretty much everything else has to be fixed as far as I'm concerned!  And no, I'm not delusional, thinking it is Valentine's Day or something, but I was working on my guild's newsletter for February and was getting together some clip art and just thought this was cute.  I love cupcakes, and Valentine's Day is my birthday, so of course this had some appeal to it!

We did get hit with snow, but not as much as expected, and it's not as windy as they predicted either.  What really surprised me though, was when I made a trip to run errands, at how many people had hired somebody else (landscaping company usually) to do their plowing, shoveling and snowblowing.  Not that that is unusual, but honestly, in all my years I've never seen that many companies out there at one time work on personal driveways and sidewalks. 

So what did I do while everyone was braving the elements and clearing off all of that snow?  I did put together the top for that Valentine quilt I mentioned.  I still may decide to add borders, but if I don't, I will not beat myself up about it.  Also worked on some straightening up in my sewing room. This seriously has to be the laziest week I've had in a LONG time!  Usually I attempt to do more than this... oh well, there's always next week!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First snowstorm of the season!

It finally happened! We finally got snow.  Actually, not a lot of it is staying on the ground just yet, as yesterday we had temps of 52 degrees and lots of sunshine!  With the really mild winter so far, the ground isn't frozen yet.  Temps did drop to the twenties today, and the winds are picking up, but according to the weatherman, by next week it will be in the 30's again, so who knows just how long this will stay.  I'm indifferent either way. I realize I'm not the one dealing with snow removal, but still, it's the bitter cold I really dislike, and so far, we haven't had a lot of really chilly days. 

One good thing about this weather is that I feel like hanging out in my sewing room when I don't have quilt jobs lines up.  I actually finished quilting a top I made last year, and it's perfect for Valentine's Day, as it's red and white.  I'll post pics when it's bound and washed, as I marked this one and the marks are distracting. 

Dealing with a cold this week, but I think the worst of it is over. I knew at least four people who had it recently, so it wasn't a complete surprise that it hit me as well. I think the hardest part was how tired I felt.

Due to inclement weather, our guild meeting was canceled tonight.  To be honest, I'm glad, as we were going to do a Chinese Gift Exchange with our UFO's and I hadn't found anything I wanted to give to participate.  And I do want to participate, as it was so much fun last time!  I know I had a whole month to figure something out, but you know what it was like here, it was pretty much the last thing on my mind! 

Finally got another project up on my design wall; blocks I made two years ago with fabric that is pretty much Valentine's material.  It's not all hearts or Valentine's on it, but the colors (red, pink, off white, brown) and some of the fabrics (with hearts) speak Valentine's to me.  I didn't do anything special with it, I only had a jelly roll and some charm squares from the line by Sandy Gervais.  But I want it done already, so am just keeping the setting very simple. I feel so lazy, but sometimes you just need to get things done without complicating things!  I had looked for a material to go along with it for the borders, but never found anything. I'm sure there is something out there, but like I said, I just want to get it done, so I'm not going to worry about it. I will get the center done tomorrow and then it will have to sit a bit until I buy backing and batting and binding.

Off to bind the red/white quilt while watching the snow fly outside my window!
 Happy Quilting!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Casual Sunday...

Well, another Sunday and another casual day. Even though Christmas landed on a Sunday this past year, DH and I spent the day at home watching movies all day because we had already celebrated with our loved ones and they were out celebrating with the other families.  And New Years wasn't much different, although most of the kids hung out at home because they were beat after the holidays.

I did get to cuddle these little feet today though!  I said I don't post pics on the internet of my grandkids, but I figured a foot would be okay, DD#3 is using it as her profile pic on Facebook. This is GD#2 and she is almost 3 months old already!!!!  She has gotten so smiley, it was such fun just to hold her and play with her.  We have rarely gotten much time alone with her since she's been born because either every time we go over there, somebody else is there, and when our family gets together there are so many adults and so many little ones running around or needing to be tended to, that we don't get to just hold her as much as we'd like. In all fairness, we don't get to cuddle any one of them very much all by themselves because there are usually others there. 

Tomorrow is more the day I will consider the start of my New Year.  Babies are here and home with their families, Christmas decorations will be put away, no current quilt jobs in the house, so I think I will be making some lists and working on a couple of small personal projects until the next job comes in. 

And I don't know about the rest of the country, but here we've been having the most unseasonably warm temperatures I ever remember experiencing in January!! The normal temperature for us is ten degrees, and we've been experiencing a lot of high thirties and low forties, even had fifty+ degrees the other day!  No complaints here, just so surprised!  Good thing, too, because tomorrow I will take the lights off of the porch railings and won't have to freeze in order to do it!

I'm excited for the new year and getting started on things again!
Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year, New Beginnings...

As most of you have read, our fourth granddaughter finally arrived a couple of days ago.  So all should be a bit more calm on the baby front for 2012!  Well, technically, one of the four granddaughters was obviously born this year, but since it's only the 4th of January and she is already home with her family, I kind of look at it like she was born in 2011 with the rest of the girls.  I so badly want to share pictures, but as you know, I don't post the grandkids on the internet.  I can assure you, they are all the cutest things ever though!   So I will post this fun photo off of Pinterest instead!  These are so ridiculously cute, I just HAVE to make them sometime... a good winter project for me and some of the boys!  

It's been really interesting, on blogs and Facebook and other quilt-related quilt networks, I have been reading all of the New Year's resolutions everybody has been making.  The top two appear to be to lose weight (I know, you're surprised, right?) and finish more UFO's.  The last two years I have been unsuccessful in the weight loss department, but I never give up hope! But I also have made some progress in the UFO department, even if it's not as much as I'd like, one thing I did notice I was quite diligent about was finishing projects I did start in 2011 and NOT starting a bunch more projects I had no time to finish right away.  I have two that I have to finish quilting yet, but haven't bought the backing fabric for one and I just haven't had time to get at the other one just yet. (Gee, I wonder why??  Could holidays, birthdays and two brand new grandbabies in less than two and a half weeks have anything to do with this???)

So what does the New Year bring for this household?  So far, not much snow.  Weight loss goals in sight, just need to take action.  Four baptisms and lots of birthday parties!  Plans to make ridiculously cute little girl dresses.   There are financial and personal goals both DH and I plan to accomplish.  (More quality time spent with loved ones. Yes, we see them fairly frequently, but sometimes I think we need more 'spur of the moment' parties.)  I plan on replacing and/or buying new Christmas ornaments, gift wrap and other household decor.  Less time agreeing to participate in quilt-related activities that no longer enjoyable, or something that I would truly like to end up with as an end result.  I have had a ball doing this stuff in the past, but in recent times I feel like some things are just too 'forced' and I end up with something that really doesn't suit my lifestyle.  And once again focusing my goals on what I want in a house and how I wish to decorate it.  I have truly missed that in the last several years, and not being able to finish our last place and having to sell it made me kind of sad and I lost my focus for a bit.  I would add 'blogging every day', but I know better! 

May 2012 be filled with lots of joy and fun for all of you!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year off to a Good Start!

Well, it happened!  Granddaughter Number 4 made her arrival today!  We thought for sure she was going to make an appearance before the end of the year, but I guess she wanted a birthday year to herself!  Little Adeline Katherine is doing well and looks quite healthy! She's almost 8.5 pounds and has light red hair just like her big brothers.  DD#2 is doing well also, just a little tired because she had no sleep last night.  Her middle name is also our DD#3's first name... I think DD#3 was pretty excited and surprised!

Finished up another customer quilt today, only have co complete the third one of the three she sent and do the guild newsletter, then I'm done.  It will have to wait a couple of days though, we will be taking care of Adeline's two older brothers the next two days.  No complaints there!

Happy New Years!